Oh poor website we hardly knew ye

Full write up on my hack pending, but for now the gist is that on my shared hosting space, I left open a VERY old instance of WordPress that got compromised by an automated WordPress/Joomla/Drupal bot. All it did was replace the 'index.html' file of all of my websites (basically it recursed through everything in my directory and tried but failed to recurse through everyone else's). Now on CMS managed sites that didn't change anything. Just replace the index.html file with a good one and everything in the backend DB is preserved.

On this one, however, almost everything was simply in an index.html that I had hand-written and APPARENTLY not backed up.

What you CAN do, however, is view an archived version of pretty much the complete page (including some java/javascript applets I wrote) thanks to the WayBackMachine at archive.org. Which is kinda cool.

Archived Site

The way the WayBackMachine (say that three times fast) links in information is a bit odd, so sometimes things get weird. Here are links to things that people may find intersting

Java/JavaScript BJJ Scoreboard
ProcessingJS based Tasklist
Automating *slightly* malicious Facebook messaging

And, while I don't condone drive by hacking (even if it was kinda my fault), and I honestly don't know anything about their cause (so I'm neither for/against whatever it is they're trying to accomplish), here is the page that replaced all of my sites. I think it's interesting to see who around the world is capable of what (you probably wouldn't have ever guessed people from Kosovo or supporters of Kosovo were trying this as a method to get their message across).

KWG Deface

Eventually, I'll restructure this page a bit. For now, I'd like to at least use it as a platform to showcase some of the stuff I've worked on. Originally, this page had a rotating background of jpg images. The images were created by modifying software provided by Memo Akten, specifically the openFrameworks MSAFluid library. The images themselves can be seen below

Background 1 Background 2 Background 3 Background 4 Background 5 Background 6 Background 7 Background 8 Background 9 Background 10 Background 11 Background 12 Background 13 Background 14 Background 15 Background 16 Background 17 Background 18

Going through this recently, I'm reminded that I used to be like...kinda good at some of this. Below is a link to a YouTube video of the beginnigs of an iOS game I was working on. It depicts some openFrameworks physics and MSAFluid code working together to create a basic controllable animation. If I recall the idea was to create a game where you fly through a course. The tail of the...thing...that you're flying bends with physics and is difficult to not have run into obstacles. As you smash into the obstacles you lose parts of your tail until its all gone and the game is over. At least I think that's what I was going for.

Emulated iOS Physics